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        Welcome to visitZhejiang Huaxin Technology Development Co.,Ltd.website!

        about us

        Zhejiang Huaxin Technology Development Co.Ltd.founded in 1995 consists of scientific research manufacturing trading and transportation. "DN-90" series of high-intensity fast-drying starch" adhesive of Gong'sand other products as its main products were included in the National Spark Plan the new high-tech projects the provincial science and te...

        consultation hotline

        plant landscape
        Area of 20000 square meters

        our advantages

        • Advanced equipment

          The company has advanced production equipment, abundant technical foundation, superior product quality, satisfactory customer service.

        • Variety of products

          The product variety is complete, there is adhesive, adhesive, starch adhesive, cardboard adhesive, reinforcer and other products.

        • Satisfied customer service

          Implement the concept of "customer as the fundamental, win the market with integrity", and create a bright future with new and old customers.

        news center

        Jinhua paper tray outlet needs attention.

        Jinhua paper tray is the import and export products is widely used in a product because the paper tray will basically use cargo transportation travel so the jinhua paper tray is very important the quality of the paper tray can also according to customer's request to customize paper tray basically with honeycomb p...